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Ear Coning

Ear coning has been used by ancient cultures for thousands of years, and is now undergoing a revival in our modern culture. Points in the ears, hands and feet have been found to stimulate different organs in the body when massaged. The ear contains thousands of nerve endings and acupressure points which transmit to other areas of the physical and subtle bodies. These nerve endings are interconnected by subtle streams of energy, which can become obstructed by accumulation of debris in the ear canal.

Ear coning is an ancient method of cleansing the ears from the debris, wax, Candida and parasites that can become lodged in the ear. This process utilizes ear cones, which are hollow candles carefully hand made from strips of cotton mesh, bees wax, and a special formula of herbs and flower essences. Ear coning uses herbal candles and heat to operate osmotically to help reduce pressure in the ears in a natural way. It is advisable that ear coning be done by a trained professional to ensure that it's done properly and safely. Call for pricing. [learn more]



An ancient form of pressure point therapy, this cousin to acupuncture involves the pressing of 'reflux' points and zones on your feet and/or hands that correspond to systems and organs of the body to encourage overall health, relaxation, and balance.

Reflexology is a method of stimulating reflex areas of the hands and/or feet that relax and rejuvenate each and every part of the body including the glands and organs. By relaxing the body, tension is relieved and the circulation of blood and lymph is restored to its natural flow and all of the body's processes function more efficiently. Simultaneously, awareness of one's body is heightened. These effects have been observed to facilitate the natural healing processes of the body and enhance a person's general health. [learn more]


Jin Shin Jyutsu—Acutouch

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient healing art that clears energy, using a system of touch on the body's energy pathways. It is designed to reawaken and harmonize the body's innate healing potential. It promotes wholeness and a sense of deep inner peace and balance.

The practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu is about 8,000 years old, and was traditionally an art handed down within Japanese families.Jin Shin Jyutsu employs twenty-six "safety energy locks" along energy pathways that feed life into our bodies. When one or more of the paths become blocked, the resulting stagnation can disrupt the local area and eventually disharmonize the complete path of energy flow. Holding these energy locks in combination can bring balance to mind, body and spirit.

A Jin Shin Jyutsu session generally lasts about an hour. It is a gentle treatment, practiced by placing the fingertips (over clothing) on designated safety energy locks, to harmonize and restore energy flow. Clients report feeling a surge of energy as the blocks are cleared and a feeling of peace afterwards. [learn more]




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