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Zen Massage

Our signature massage integrates classic Swedish bodywork techniques, holistic Eastern modalities and breath-work, and personalized essential oil blends to create a deeply therapeutic and meditative experience. This gentle to firm pressure massage increases circulation, enhances the immune system, and elicits a deep state of relaxation.


Aromatherapy Massage

A custom-created session according to your energetic needs. Mady utilizes essential oils and energetic healing to bring skewed energy pathways back into balance. Aromatherapy has been known to mankind for over 5000 years. Essential oils stimulate the olfactory membrane-the limbic system where the cerebral cortex receives energy and inspiration through the sense of smell. The aromas release neurotransmitters that can reduce pain, produce pleasant, euphoric sensations, and create a feeling of well-being. It helps relax and calm the autonomic nervous system, and simultaneously acts as a stimulant that helps keep you aware. It also affects the seat of our sexuality, our moods, memory and creativity.


Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop Therapy blends relaxing massage with aromatic essential oils chosen uniquely for each person. These are applied on various parts of the body, but especially on the spinal column to bring it into structural and electrical alignment. The gentle application of aromatic oils soothes the senses and the massage is deeply nurturing. The oils are applied like little drops of rain from about 4 to 6 inches above the body on the spinal column.

Hence the name, "Raindrop Therapy." The oils are then worked into the spine using light strokes with the fingers to stimulate energy impulses and disperse the oils along the nervous system throughout the whole body. In this way the body can be brought into natural balance and the energy centers can be cleared and realigned. It takes 60 to 90 minutes for the treatment, with continual realignment during this time.

Personalized Touch

Mady's treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual. Using kinesiology testing, Mady will determine what oils your body needs. Therefore no two treatments will be the same and the oils used will vary according to the body's need at the time. So each session is a unique gift of nurturing and balancing! Enhances the body's immune response Kills bacteria & viruses in the spinal column Balances the central nervous system A powerful way to detoxify. Clears impediments in the charkas (energy centers)  Call for pricing.


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