The Healing Blanket

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An energy regulator, pain management device and cell regulator for the body

The Healing blanket acts as, cells and a pain management device, all in one. The Healing blanket is the latest addition of Russian technology to the realms of Energetic medicine. As with the SCENAR its origin lies in the Cold War Soviet space program. Technology from this era has been adapted for marketable products in today's complementary medicine industry. The Healing blanket works around principle of acupuncture meridians. It both regulates and unblocks the flow of energy around the body, energy which may fluctuate when exposed to high electrical radiation emitted by such devices as computer monitors and cell phones. It therefore protects the body from external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. The blanket itself is made up of a series of membranes that allow the body to retain its natural bio-energetic state reducing the dissipation of energy into the environment.

How the healing blanket works?

The Healing blanket works on several different levels providing the user with several beneficial outcomes. These are; redistribution of charge, Pain management and EHF Therapy.

The Redistribution of Charge by the healing blanket

The healing blanket is able to redistribute charge to the body. It does this by means of the body's meridians, as used in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. These are the channels of energy flow throughout the body. These channels can be manipulated through points on the body (acupuncture points). The blanket uses these points to tap in additional energy to the channels - where it is lacking, or release energy through the points in instances of excess. The blanket therefore helps keep equilibrium with the energy flow. The apparatus within the blanket used to do this is called the 'energizer'. The energizer also helps avoid the reoccurrence of energy blockages.

Effective Pain Management from the healing blanket

The Healing blanket uses infra-red radiation. The infra-red or IR causes the circulation system to emit energy through increased blood flow. This heat has numerous beneficial effects on the body. First it increases the metabolic rate, thereby speeding up carbon dioxide exchange with oxygen in the hemoglobin. All these activities help the body to function more efficiently and therefore increase its potential for tissue repair. More importantly the IR increases the vital activities of the cell natural pain management systems through the release of neuropeptides, altering pain receptors and more efficient removal of pain causing cell metabolites. Various positive side-effects may also occur such as a local and whole bodied boost to the body's immune system and reduction of inflamed tissue.

The healing blanket's EHF Therapy

The third and final function of the blanket is the production of Extra High Frequencies or EHF as its better known. As many energetic medicine devices identify, a living cell vibrates at a particular frequency, this frequency lies between the ranges of 30-300 GHz. When a cell becomes ill it will resonate at a frequency determined by the individual malady. A cell group with mercury poisoning will resonate differently to a group damaged in a sports injury.

The Healing blanket uses EHF to bring the cell frequency back to that of a normal cell, thus enabling the cell to repair more quickly, or emit toxins more efficiently. It should be stated however that this is very much a gradual effect caused by the healing blanket after using it for many sessions.

When comparing the Healing blanket to other SCENAR type devices, it becomes apparent that, whereas the SCENAR is best used for direct cell/tissue regeneration and direct, local pain management, the Healing blanket is best used over a series of therapy sessions, producing gradual positive results. The Healing blanket is highly effective when used in conjunction with the SCENAR; post-SCENAR therapy.

The Healing Blanket is shipped from Europe directly to you.

The blanket is basically an electronic capacitor. It has layers of a conductor (steel wool) alternating with a non-conductor (rock wool). This forms a capacitor that can store electrons. If the body has lower voltage than the blanket, electrons will flow to the body.

Healing Blanket is also designed to interact with a range of naturally occurring electromagnetic frequencies - according to the Russian inventors and clinicians, the blanket creates a temporary and beneficial shielding from external emf's and cocoons the body in a field of positive self-generated radiations - such an effect is said to promote and enhance self-regulation.

What is a healing blanket?

The healing blanket is made of layers of conductors (steel wool) alternated with non-conductors (rock wool), which together forms a regulator of energy, cells and a pain management device all at ones.

The Healing blanket as well as the scenar device work on the acupuncture meridians. Both regulate and unblock the flow of energy around the body, which can fluctuate when exposed to high electrical radiation emitted by electronic devices as computers and cell phones.

Benefits of healing blanket

  • Enhance the body's self regulation and self healing ability, by shielding the body from external electro-magnetic and electrostatic fields
  • Cocoon's the body in a positive self-generated energy field that promotes healing
  • The layers of wool acts as a conductor of electrons that will increase lower body voltage
  • Produces gradual positive results, especially when used in conjunction with Scenar sessions
  • Using the blanket will retain and enhance the bio energetic field, while reducing dissipation of the body's energy
  • Redistribute the body's electrical charge, through the acupuncture points. The blanket balances acupoints that are overcharged and/or undercharged, thereby stimulating the body's balance
  • Promote greater energy flow throughout the body, and reducing energy blockages
  • Immediate reduction of stress and tension (mental or physical) and sleep improvement
  • Repeated use strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to seasonal infections and allergies
  • Reduces recovery period from traumas, injuries, surgery, and common illnesses and enhances the effect of any medication, as well as shortens long-term disability claims
  • Increases brain wave activity thereby enhancing mood and one's outlook
  • Safe to use with no complications, contraindications or side effects
  • Can be a stand-alone treatment or combine with other therapies, fitness or wellness programs
  • Portable, user friendly and durable product that requires little training
  • Environmentally friendly with no power source
  • Excellent for use at home, in a workplace lounge, fitness center, or at a workstation
  • Wide selection of patterns, colors and sizes available to suite your individual style
  • It takes only 20 to 40 minutes of soothing comfort in a relaxed environment

TMB improves the processes of self-correction in general, a wide variety of dysfunctional conditions and diseases of the body are positively influenced. The best results have been achieved with so-called "sympathicotonias", such as stress and stress-related or spastic conditions and diseases.

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